The Bridge to Scotland idea has too many nay-sayers

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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It is welcome news to see the new prime minister promoting a fixed link again following his comments at the recent leadership hustings in Belfast.

Far too may nay-sayers are saying it’s too expensive.

The reality is the infrastructure in the UK economy is creaking and particularly in Northern Ireland which should be included in essential infrastructure spending to link us to the Northern Powerhouse .

A feasibility study has been commissioned by the Department of Transport which should include other fall back options eg an upgrade rail link from Dumfries to Stranraer.

At the hustings Boris Johnson said it’s not about money but about the political will, so it’s over to the politicians.

With UK public finances strong and interest rates low under the Conservatives there is scope for borrowing for long term infrastructure spending with its spin off benefits in the wider economy through the multiplier effect.

This is a one off opportunity for infrastructure spending to benefit both Scottish and NI economy — it’s good for the Union, business, jobs, growth and connectivity.

Johnny Andrews, Economy Spokesman, NI Conservative & Unionist Party