The DUP should read Romans to see what is unseemly

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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After the shocking DUP leadership betrayal of their evangelical Christian core supporters, I listened to Arlene Foster flip flop her way through a barrage of questions on the radio.

The journalists were all clear (even if Arlene was not) that this was a massive change in party direction.

I detect a complete detachment between the leadership and the grassroots supporters, indeed a disregard when we hear comments from individuals such as Gavin Robinson MP.

There is a massive opposition to what the DUP have done and maybe it will be more clearly seen in the European elections where there is is a viable TUV alternative available for all areas.

Meanwhile, it seems that the DUP are now taking aim at Jim Wells, who was brave enough to speak up. “Unseemly comments,” apparently.

I suggest the DUP leadership read Romans 1:27 to see what is unseemly!

Jim is renowned for his hard work among his constituents and is extremely popular. There are those who would be very keen to bring Jim’s 40 year DUP tenure to an end.

They maybe don’t realise they have also finished people like myself voting for the party again.

Lee Maginnis, Portadown