The glorification of an unnatural act

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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So-called ‘gay pride’ events are nothing but the glorification of an unnatural sexual act.

The entire thing is about the promotion of a sexual behaviour.

It is not about tolerance, or ‘love,’ or ‘equality,’ they want to normalise their sexual behaviour and this is seen by their overt sexual displays and dress during these ‘pride events.’

Those who support ‘pride’ are supporting an agenda that seeks to destroy the nuclear family and traditional Western Christian morality.

This is their stated aim and is not made up to demonise them.

In one their most influential pamphlets entitled: ‘The Gay Liberation Front Manifesto’ it clearly states that: “We must aim at the abolition of the family, so that the sexist, male supremacist system can no longer be nurtured there.”

There can be no defence of Western civilisation that can include promoting the militant homosexual agenda.

It aids in its destruction and is part of the multi-pronged Cultural Marxist assault on our culture, our traditions, our heritage and our identity.

G.A. Cumming, Tandragee