The government should make the DUP an offer it cannot refuse, to make Northern Ireland prosperous

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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Tuesday night’s vote shows there is nothing but division across our body politic over Brexit.

The prime minister is right to challenge her opponents to produce a better plan as they are all over the place with incoherent ideas that will never muster majority support and only lead to endless fractiousness.

So now is the time to put Intradependence for Northern Ireland on the table (in which our partners guarantee our economy, and our managing our own affairs with the support of our three neighbours — GB, Ireland and the EU — in a way that makes it a matter of consumer choice whether an individual is British or Irish).

This is the plan most capable of unanimity, which can even include the backing of the DUP.

Indeed it will bring such lasting prosperity to Northern Ireland that this plan will secure the long term future of the Union — the very reason why the DUP dare not refuse it.

It does this by providing a better way of doing unionism — creating breathing space in the relationship now to allow for a stronger one in the future.

So, in getting the rest of the UK off the hook — and earning unbridled gratitude — it obliges the DUP to embrace prosperity now in exchange for agreeing to place the border in the Irish Sea for now.

That prosperity will spring from the NI staying in the EU and a decision by the government to incentivise those crown jewels of Great Britain business otherwise planning to cross the English Channel to stay in the EU, to relocate to NI instead.

This simple decision, which will resolve all other Brexit issues, can deliver completion by 29th March and secure our Brexit agreement — including all the many good things already negotiated.

Go to the website to find out more and get the government to make the DUP the offer they cannot refuse.

Garvin Crawford, Comber