The Irish border is a British invention

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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There is a God-made natural border around Ireland; it is called the Irish Sea (not British sea!) and the Atlantic Ocean.

Furthermore every person and vehicle leaving or entering Ireland (all 32 counties) have their name and details noted, be it by sea or air.

There is no land bridge from or to Ireland.

The much talked of and fought over border is an artificial man made British invention and indeed at present for all intent and purpose is just a line on the map, put there by a foreign bullying neighbour in their period of empire, which is thank God no longer bar for six counties of Ireland’s 32 and a few rocky outcrops in the Caribbean and the Falklands etc, not overlooking the Chagos islands from which Britain forcibly evicted its legal residents and gifted island to their murdering ally the USA.

We in Ireland have always been protected from outside plagues and diseases by our natural border, and as evidence lately when the Bark beetle was bought in on conifer firewood brought into Northern Ireland as this type of pest does not exist in Ireland.

This beetle could not make its own way over our natural border but could just hop across our artificial border, ie a line on a map which is in some cases is a line through Irish fields and farms which must be removed as soon as possible and Ireland returned to its natural, as God intended origin of 32 counties, four provinces.

Britain would never accept being divided into two or more by a foreign power, why should we?

Peter McEvoy, Banbridge