The Irish Republic should rejoin the UK

Atrocities such as Nice will happen for a long time
Atrocities such as Nice will happen for a long time

As each day passes, one man-made atrocity occurs, where humanity is treated with disdain by the inhumane slaughter of innocent people taking place, irrespective of gender, age or national identity.

Now we have had a coup attempt in Turkey, that has cost more innocent lives, grief and hardship.

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

Only those who wear blinkers refuse to see or realise that such atrocities will continue for a long time to come, that will undoubtedly threaten the collapse of the European Union.

When that happens (and it will) I ask where does the Republic of Ireland, (or Scotland) go then?

Recently there has been an acceptance of detente, between Britain and the Republic of Ireland, where the Queen has visited the Republic of Ireland, and paid her respect to those who lost their lives, in conflict to have a 32 county independent Ireland.

Equally, and rightly so, political representatives of the Republic of Ireland have also paid their respect to those who lost their lives fighting for Britain’s freedom during the Second World War, where ironically many of the deceased were fully fledged Irish citizens.

Remembering and respecting the dead is an honourable trait, global countries of the two world wars bears this out, but those who are still prepared to continue conflict decry the will of the people.

As Britain has now got a new Prime Minister, who has already intimated that she favours unity of the people of these islands, perhaps she may consider it would be prudent to offer the Republic of Ireland to rejoin the UK.

Yes, this suggestion would undoubtedly be treated with anathema by those holding republican views, but it would be interesting to see what the result would be, if (say) a referendum was held, where all the people of the Republic voted to decide their future?

Harry Stephenson, Kircubbin