The meaning of life, love and fabulous French wine

In a man’s life, one day tends for the most part to drift fairly inconsequentially into the next.

Looking back, the days seem pretty much the same.

And looking forward, the days also seem like yet more of the same. Looking at where you are today is often just like looking at where you were yesterday. And where you will most likely be tomorrow is likewise where you probably were the day before yesterday and where you’ll almost certainly be the day after tomorrow too. Seasons may change, the world must turn but as the cycle repeats, the core remains fairly constant.

Until one day, you do something totally different and everything changes. Like when you fall in love or make some other equally catastrophic mistake. In the land of love the sameness feels like a good thing, certain routines become treasured traditions, and time becomes something precious that we celebrate with long walks in nature, fine wine, decadent
 dark chocolate and a 
crippling mortgage.

Of course, the sameness is actually an illusion because we’re always subtly in a state of flux. Things seem to improve for a while but it all starts to go downhill again soon enough.

The plump, juicy worm feels happy crawling through the muck until he finds himself on a hook and soon he is getting eaten by a fish, the fish in turn by a bird, man or worse. For worm, read man; for muck, read life, and for hook, read the allure of womankind and you should get the idea. And recently, I’ve been tasting slightly too much of today’s WINE OF THE WEEK, the smooth, superbly balanced and delightfully mellow 2014 Koenig Alsace Pinot Noir (£8.99, Lidl). Elegant, graceful and satisfyingly savoury, this light-bodied French red is full of ripe cherry and red berry flavours on a lively, intriguing palate before hints of cinnamon and delicate spice enrich its tangy, peppery finish.

My darling wife, the enigmatic Madame G., paired it with a supper of lemony Lebanese-style chicken, mushrooms, raisins and cous cous at our lovely home, Rose Cottage. I’ve been studying my Kierkegaard and Kant (you didn’t really think those ideas were my own, did you? I’m far too shallow and stupidly happy for that!) in the company of the opulent, full-bodied and impressively aromatic 2012 Domaine de Fontseque Corbieres (£11, M&S). Intense blackberry flavours, a warm, smoky palate and a spicy, judiciously oaked finish combine to create a memorable red which will go wonderfully well with your Sunday roast of beef or lamb. Life, for all its sameness, uncertainty and change, has only got one fault in this amateur philosopher’s view. It’s far too short to enjoy all the wine we’d like too.

Till next week, tipplers, sante!