The unionist community is fed up with appeasing republicans

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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New Decade, New Approach. Or is it?

In actual fact, it is New Decade, Wrong Approach!

We have entered this new decade with more of the same concessions to republican terrorists.

Unionist parties should never have been apart of talks which were led with such influence from Dublin.

There is simply no need for an Irish language act.

In fact, there is no need for a Stormont which elevates a finance minister previously convicted of explosive offences or a speaker who was an IRA prisoner, elected with DUP votes.

The DUP have tried to sell this as a ‘fair deal,’ yet while our NHS is on its knees we are now expected to spend crucial funds to finance this despicable betrayal deal.

The unionist community have had enough of appeasing republican terrorists.

Long gone are the days of Never! Never! Never!

Today it is sadly give, give, give.

Darrin Foster, Portadown