The various unionist parties could think of options rather than repeating ‘no’ to most everything

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The leadership of the DUP is right in its opposition to the backstop agreement — an observer of the EU will see it has a habit of making temporary arrangements permanent.

Yet ‘no deal’ is likely to be a disaster for everyone — whether the UK parliament can avoid this happening is open to question.

A second referendum will take time to plan and it would need to have a binary option — accept the current deal or remain within the EU.

A general election would be the simplest and quickest method but may not resolve anything and leave a hung parliament.

The likely outcome would then be a delay in exiting the EU.

Some of the issues in Northern Ireland are unique to the Province. The current constitutional quagmire provides an opportunity for all NI parties to consider all Ireland solutions — for NI to have regional autonomy where citizens could maintain British passports and other rights.

When the first Home Rule was proposed the fear in Dublin was that Ulster Unionists would eventually run the country with their business prowess. Is it beyond reason why the various unionist parties could think of options rather than repeating ‘no’ to most everything?

Brexit is fast becoming a self-made disaster than won’t go away — all of government is focused on it at the cost of many other issues that need addressing. Business is suffering — the uncertainty leading to reduced capital investment.

All of this is strengthening the EU — where it too has need of change.

Stephen Plunkett, Littlebourne, Kent