Theological College could advise QUB professor on hell

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Interesting comment from this QUB Professor on Post Conflict Studies, John Brewer (“Special place in hell for no deal Brexiteers? Hell is too good for them”).

Perhaps, having witnessed and, presumably, studied conflict, not least in Northern Ireland he believes that gives him an insight into the characteristics of hell!

I suspect that his studies on that subject might have some way to go yet.

Perhaps he might usefully take up a course in theology — the sphere of study closest to the subject on which he has just pronounced.

He is surprisingly fortunate in that there is a theological college convenient to QUB — Union Theological College which has some world recognised theologians on its faculty who, I am sure, would be able to remedy any deficiencies in understanding the location he regards as ‘too good for politicians’.

I presume the professor is a man of courage and would be prepared to enter a college to which QUB fears to send its students!

Rev Denis Bannerman, (QUB Graduate), Coleraine