There are highly qualified pro and anti EU voices

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

No doubt Roderick Downer, Downpatrick (letter March 26) is a highly experienced businessman, having worked for 40 years and also at senior level in Dublin for large global companies.

He is disappointed in First Minster Arlene Foster’s support for Brexit and takes a side swipe at what he calls isolationist, little Englanders of the Home Counties.

He will be interested that Lord Trimble, one of Arlene’s opponents in the Good Friday Agreement debate, also supports Brexit.

As a Conservative peer and former supporter of membership of the European Community and working on a European Union select committee he sees that on economic grounds EU has failed.

Other research says the same. All due respects to Roderick, there are highly qualified people in both camps.

I have not heard local ‘Leave’ leaders say anything against the people of Europe.

Their arguments are against lack of democracy, loss of sovereignty, economic failure, weak security, and political merging.

His name calling of some as isolationists excludes the big world not in European Union and where even EU currently trade.

It is interesting that he refers to isolationism at this particular time in Irish history.

David Barbour, Coleraine