There are things to be grateful for at the height of summer

Morning View
Morning View

It was expected to be the busiest day of the year at Heathrow yesterday, as the school holidays begin in Great Britain, several weeks after pupils finished their summer term in Northern Ireland.

Many people in the Province who took the Twelfth fortnight off for their big annual break are now preparing to return to work, just as people in England get ready to depart.

The slowest month of the year in Northern Ireland is July. In England, France and most European countries it is August.

But this is one of the joys of summer: from June to September, in workplaces all over Britain and Ireland people are coming and going at different times.

The mood is often lighter, as is the traffic. It can be frustrating when businesses want to get things done, but it is important that there are points in the calendar when the tempo changes.

For those who stay at home all summer, good weather can never be guaranteed anywhere in the British Isles.

There is a depressing batch of bad weather over parts of the UK this weekend, and the outlook is not great for Northern Ireland over the next two or three days. But in the same way that good weather never lasts here, neither does bad. Generally it is sunny and warm now, at the height of summer.

The most popular holiday destination for UK travellers is Spain, but very many Britons are fond of France and Greece.

The latter needs, and will need, our money. So does Tunisia. It is to be hoped that the security situation improves there and travel warnings can be lifted.

For all the problems at home and abroad – Stormont stalemate, Isis running rampant, health service strains, the eurozone in crisis – good things are happening, too.

There is economic growth. Specifically, British holidaymakers are now enjoying a pound that is strong against the euro. This is the first summer in almost a decade that is so.

As travellers come and go and others enjoy the pace at home, there is much to be grateful for this summer.