There has been no change since the Anglo Irish Agreement

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Your coverage marking the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Anglo-Irish Agreement (AIA) and it coinciding with ‘A Fresh Start’ demonstrates that 30 years on nothing has changed.

This harsh reality is demonstrated from the joint approach taken to resolving the current crisis at Stormont from both the Irish and British governments.

Note that the Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs stood alongside his colleague, Theresa Villers MP, on the announcement of ‘A Fresh Start’ on Tuesday. Any Unionist, Colin McCusker being one (November 14), who believes that the AIA is dead and was killed in 1998 by the Belfast Agreement is misguided and delusional. The AIA is very much in force.

For any Unionist, Lord Empey, being another one (November 16), as well as Jeffrey Donaldson MP (Irish Times, November 14), who believes that Unionism can now decide its own destiny is, again, seriously misguided.

Unionism has to determine its future with the consent of republicanism (overseen by Dublin and London). This is fact and demonstrated in the recent crisis.

Maryfield, the headquarters of the Secretariat, merely moved desks in 1998, but maintains as much influence as it did in 1985. Eamon De Valera believed that the best way to defeat ‘England’ and the Empire was by ignoring it. Unfortunately this does not apply to Unionism.

Ignoring reality is merely a coping mechanism when faced with a difficult issue.

Unionist, South Belfast

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