There should be a march for truth and justice for the victims of IRA terrorism

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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It was galling to see members of Sinn Fein/IRA taking part in the so-called march for truth.

I am not making any judgement on the alleged injustice that the protesters claim, but it is hypocritical that they have unrepentant members of Sinn Fein, who are mouthpieces for the IRA, on parade.

We all know the IRA murdered hundreds of innocent people — many through sectarianism.

Surely this does not in any way add strength to their cause?

I would like to know: do the families of Ballymurphy etc condemn the murder of innocent people by the IRA?

When I saw the protest march, it made me think and ask the question: ‘What are unionists doing in their quest to see justice for soldiers and the innocent victims of terrorism?’

When it was made public that the IRA on-the-runs had received comfort letters, with some members of the IRA even getting royal pardons, what action was taken when the government did not publish or annul the names of those who received them?

It is not surprising that no action ever came to pass!

Many unionists seem to have a memory lapse as to the barbaric actions of the IRA.

Some seem not even able to go down to a polling station to vote while there are others who lent their vote to a non-unionist party like the Alliance.

Unionists and many decent law abiding citizens should be on the march to demand justice for those innocent people murdered by terrorists.

There should also be a protest to defend our security forces who stand accused by trumped up accusations.

A battle is on for human decency in Northern Ireland that does not allow the terrorists to go free and rewrite history to the shame of some politicians and the betrayal of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the fight against terrorism.

John Mulholland, Doagh