There should be a barrier on approaches to the bridge in North Down that keeps getting struck by lorries

The Ballysallagh Road in north Down was blocked in one direction on Friday morning after a lorry struck the bridge, the latest such incident there over the past number of years.

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I am thankful the driver is safe and there is no major structural damage done to the bridge.

This is a busy road used regularly by commuters, however, this is far from the first time it has been closed either fully or partially following a lorry colliding with the bridge.

That has a major impact on drivers, causing extra congestion, and on nearby businesses, hitting the local economy.

Alliance has repeatedly spoken to the Department for Infrastructure to request further safety measures along this route.

As evidenced by Friday’s incident, it is clear the current set-up is not enough.

The common sense approach would be for a form of barrier at the approaches to the bridge, to allow drivers to realise their vehicle is too tall to pass under it.

Otherwise, chances are we will be back here in future, discussing another bridge strike on the same bridge, with commuters and businesses again experiencing serious disruption which could well be preventable if the Department did more to prevent it.”

Alliance Councillor Gillian Greer