Those who sell war are selling a lie

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There has been no explanation of why the “moderates” in Syria deserve the description, moderate.

We also presume that if Britain starts bombing ISIS in Syria, ISIS targets will be targeted.

It may mean solely the opportunity to target Assad. And always the presumption that the war against ISIS will succeed - as the failures in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, etc, disprove. These countries are basket cases, period.

If Qatar and Saudi Arabia are funding ISIS then surely these links need to be checked - and not a bomb needs to be dropped. Britain’s defence capabilities should be applied in securing everything within Britain’s shores and our warlike ventures abroad, abandoned - and again, not a bomb needs to be dropped.

What we can do is utilise a fair proportion of the present defence budget in humanitarian projects abroad furthering education, health, conservation, and food production for less privileged people - and not a bomb needs to be dropped.

Why has war become the first choice of action abroad when problems arise? Powerful people are enriching themselves through every bomb that is dropped. Shattered countries facilitate the theft of resources by foreign powers.

Divided peoples fail to unite to accomplish progressive policies. War is more about imperialist plunder and the advancement of the few rather than in resolving conflict.

As David Swanson claims, “war is a lie” and those who sell war to us are implicit in the deception to varying degrees, but an illusion it is, and the sooner we manifest this truth into the realms of power, the better.

Louis Shawcross, Hillsborough