Those who served as police or military have been thrown to the wolves to appease terrorism

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I am writing on behalf of the RUC(GC) Association concerning the current consultation on legacy issues.

Firstly, I would like through yourselves to encourage as many ex-police/ military to read and respond to this document.

There are a number of questions that require an answer from relevant agencies.

Did the secretary of state, Ms Bradley read it?

The same question could be asked of the DUP, Ulster Unionist and any other pro-Union party.

Had there been any degree of due diligence the dangers of this document would have been obviously apparent.

Poison with a sugar coating is poison none-the less.

What little hope of justice for victims that remained will be eradicated.

Terrorists killed in action will be state funded to pursue ex security force members to the enth degree.

Are we to become a society where, having served as police or military, we will be thrown to the wolves to pursue the agenda of re-writing history?

The consultation document is yet another odious document with its reason for existence the furtherance of appeasement.

I would encourage all to read this document, ask what does it mean?

And then soundly reject it.

It is insufficient to assume someone will act on our behalf, it must be rejected as groups and individuals.

If the NIO think that similar responses can be recorded as one, let them think again and I would will add a word of caution.

Freedom of information is still current.

Perhaps our political leaders would explain publicly why this document ever saw the light of day?

Tom Gorringe MBE, Vice- chair RUC (GC) Association, Co Armagh