Time Ireland joined commonwealth


It started off with President McAleese inviting the Queen to Ireland, which she graciously accepted, and it goes without saying, that the visit was a resounding success all round, especially by the public, north and south.

This invitation was followed by the Queen’s visit to Northern Ireland, and shaking then hand of Martin McGuinness, a self confessed IRA terrorist, of some repute.

Par for the course, one success follows another, and it now became Prince Charles turn, to continue the detente between Britain and Ireland, that President McAleese started.

Now I believe it is fair to say, that no one expected to witness a handshake, between Prince Charles and Gerry Adams, but a handshake did take place, as well as a private meeting, between these two people. So, I say to Gerry Adams and Co, do not rule out considering a British Cead File Failte, to unite our country, (Ireland is my country too) that I and you were both born in, by re-joining the commonwealth. Nations the world over have had differences, social, economic, religious, and race, they remember the sacrifices, that their predecessors laid down their lives for, and rightly so, but what happened a hundred years ago, must now surely be laid to rest.

Our divided society should not, and must not, be held to ransom to continue pursuance of a path of division.

This island of Ireland, has more in common with the Commonwealth, than it has with Europe, Ireland north, and/or south, or united, have little choice but to align themselves with a greater power. A united British Isles, composed of the four nations, (alphabetically) England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, I believe would produce a society more akin to our natural beliefs and habits. For I see Ireland’s return to the commonwealth, a lesser shock than Prince Charles shaking the hand of Gerry Adams.

Harry Stephenson,