tinkle sprinkling ladies are driving me a little bonkers

Peter Andre
Peter Andre

To begin with I really liked the Fly Me To The Moon song in a certain Christmas advert, but now it’s just annoying.

I’m also fed up watching Peter Andre cruising the supermarket aisles in a daze at their prices, lusting after prawn rings.

But the one ad that is really driving me nuts at the moment is the advert for a feminine hygiene range 
were women of a certain 
age are leaping about dancing.

As they gyrate embarrassingly, doing truly awful mum moves, with their shirts tucked into their jeans, complete with sparkly belts, my nerves fray.

‘Why should you miss a chance to dance just because you sprinkle a little tinkle?’ the voice-over asks. For me this is one of the most annoying ads of all time.

The women look so awkward, especially the one bouncing around her kitchen with a wooden 
spoon, she’s supposedly a slave to the rhythm as she pees herself in gay abandon, safe in the knowledge 
her feminine hygiene 
product is taking care 
of business.

Surely I’m not alone, is there an ad driving you bonkers this Christmas?

In that case it’s probably reaping in the dosh for the product as recent studies show it’s often the most irritating ads that are the most effective, the opera singing insurance comparison adverts being amongst the top irritants of all time.