Trapped in a state

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Morning View (April 25) stated:

“Republicans such as Sinn Fein can say what they want about inclusiveness but they have entirely failed to persuade people from a non Catholic background that unity is a remotely attractive option.”

On that basis it is safe to say that unionists will never identify with a united Ireland, albeit there is always the danger that they could be outvoted in a border poll.

Morning View also stated: “The entity Northern Ireland seems increasingly secure, given the rising number of people from a Catholic background who identify as Northern Irish.”

Meaning subverting their national identity. That aside, there is still the fundamental issue of Irish right to national freedom.

“Unionists ... have to share power with the political representatives of terrorists because no other arrangement [such as?] was acceptable to Dublin or to nationalist Ireland.” It begs the question: why are Irish people trapped within the confines of the unionist state, a state they have no affinity for or allegiance to?

They do not subscribe to British sovereignty.

Without self-determination there is no legitimate political authority.

Malachy Scott, Belfast BT15