Treatment of doctor who stood up for his faith shows how UK rejects the Judeo-Christian tradition

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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A British doctor, who was sacked for standing up for his Christian faith, was told that his views were “incompatible with human dignity,” according to The Times of London.

Dr David Mackereth, whose only ‘crime’ was refusing to use transgender pronouns because he felt it violated his religious beliefs, will appeal the tribunal ruling. And rightly so.

The case of Dr Mackereth is in essence a classic example of the UK’s rejection of the Judeo-Christian tradition that Britons have embraced for centuries.

There was a time, after all, when the Genesis account of creation – ‘male and female created he them’ – was never even questioned.

As a proverb has it, ‘Folly is joy to him that is destitute of wisdom: but a man of understanding walketh uprightly.’

Unlike his antagonists, Dr Mackereth has chosen the latter course, even when it means losing his job in the end.

Brian Stuckey, Colorado