Trevor Ringland: John Finucane needs to clarify his position on the IRA and in particular its murder of lawyers

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Expressing regret, remorse, condemning all violence and saying that a particular incident was horrific are all fine words, but do not actually give clarity to someone’s true position on the crimes of terrorism.

It is the position of those who support terrorism that acts carried out in pursuance of a particular cause, no matter how flawed or warped that cause may be, are not crimes.

The actions of those who act outside the law are wrong and unjustified.

John Finucane (‘SF candidate candidate is asked about murder of lawyer,’ June 2) needs to clarify his position on the actions of the IRA and in particular the murder of Edgar Graham, other lawyers and those acting in support of the rule of law.

Does he accept that their murders were wrong and unjustified?

Does he accept that the IRA campaign of violence was wrong and unjustified, as were the actions of the loyalist paramilitaries and those in the security forces who acted outside the law?

Does he agree that that is the clear message we should be passing on to our children?

Trevor Ringland, Lawyer, Holywood

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