True condition of PIP claimant has to be looked at

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Media headlines ring out fast and furious, PIP refusals leave disabled dying with refusals to pay disability benefit because someone charged with reporting on their ability to perform tasks have not appreciated that they may have enormous limitations to their every day life.

Whether we are talking about Colm Davis who was awarded an OBE for services to Special Education last year or other claimants the continuous rejection of the true condition of claimants has to be looked at.

It is outrageous that such people have to hit the headlines of our newspapers describing what should be confidential information in a way that breaks every reader’s heart.

These people are suffering because too many of us fair-minded readers have done nothing.

Refusals of disability claims that have gone on to appeals have cost us tax payers £66 million – while those who have life limiting medical conditions remain at home with their letters suggesting that there is nothing very much wrong with them.

I have put together a functional assessment programme to be used by GPs which is a quick guide and is based on points system, covering aspects of day to day life.

Fifteen points would qualify for a Higher rate of Disability Allowance while less points may qualify for a lower rate.

Those terminally ill as confirmed by the GP would get an immediate benefit.

Yes, that’s right — the GP needs to be brought back into the situation they are the only ones who have records and it should be part of their job to make assessments.

This work should be paid for not by the patient but the department.

It looks now that in order to take up this challenge on behalf of those who are suffering and have been turned down, we need to address this issue with the prime minister Theresa May.

After all it is her government who has endorsed the agency that has cost us millions and denied disabled persons the right to benefit.

If this treatment is acceptable to our ministers it is not how we want to live.

Mrs May must surely see, how can we live if we can’t even give to those much poorer than we.

For further information with reference to my Functional Assessment plan for GPs please contact me by email:

Dr Rosaleen Rogers, Glenvarna Court, Newtownabbey, Co Antrim