UK’s integrity is under threat

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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There is universal opposition in Northern Ireland to the outrageous Conservative-DUP Brexit proposals, yet if the EU accepts some variation of them there is a very real danger that Parliament will vote for them when it sits on October 19.

This would be a catastrophic mistake. Far from resolving the Brexit crisis, these proposals if enacted will only deepen it.

They will lead to permanent political instability and economic uncertainty in Northern Ireland and threaten the constitutional integrity of the UK.

It is the duty of unionists to set aside previous objections to Theresa May’s deal and accept that it is the only credible alternative to these proposals short of cancelling Brexit altogether.

I have challenged the UUP leadership to stop sitting on the fence and adopt a clear policy.

I await their response.

Adam Moore, Former deputy chairman of the NI Conservatives, Belfast BT6