Unfair to pay rates on empty homes


I’ve recently paid my rates bill of almost £1,000 on my house, which is under construction and uninhabitable.

I have been told that unless I’m claiming benefits I must pay regardless. I expected to pay this rip off tax if/when my house is habitable but not on a house which cannot be lived in. This is the direct result of the “fantastic” work in Stormont. Was it not previously the case that no rates were paid on a domestic property until it was lived in? But since devolution when a house is weather proofed it is rateable. This is legalised theft, but perhaps given the history of some of them in Stormont they do not consider robbery a crime. Perhaps they need the money for their pay rises. If they were interested in savings they would clamp down on benefit cheats.

Taxed-out Voter,

By e-mail