The Union with Great Britain is not just about economics

Alex Kane writes that a unionist is one who believes that the constitutional/geographical integrity of the UK is preferable than the alternatives (‘Only unionists, of all hues, can make case for the Union,’ March 18).

Thursday, 21st March 2019, 7:54 pm
Letter to the editor

For the Union to survive long term, some from a nationalist background need to believe this also. But why should they?

As a unionist, I would always vote for the Union regardless of politics, economics or social issues.

Many nationalists would vote for a united Ireland regardless of the same issues (unless they are more comfortable with the UK than they let on).

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I don’t think I have heard the case for the Union properly put (or maybe I missed it).

It would have to be more than just the large UK welfare state and NHS for if the UK cash cow reduces its payout, or the South catches up, then many from a nationalist background would easily switch preferences towards a united Ireland.

Perhaps Alex in his column, or anyone else writing to the News Letter, could put the case for the Union as they see it that would attract broad support.

Thomas Stewart, Belfast BT4