Unlike Swann, Nesbitt was liberal and he tried to move NI forward

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

In your interview with the Ulster Unionist Party leader (‘Robin Swann: I haven’t moved party to the right at all,’ October 19) he told the paper that he had not moved the party towards the right at all.

This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Twelve months ago Mike Nesbitt was the liberal leader ready to move the country forward through encouraging cross community voting and, although he never stated the point when he was leader (because if would have been political suicide), he was slowly trying to bring the party towards accepting equal marriage.

Swann is both a supporter of Brexit and opposed to equal marriage, under his leadership the party will slowly merge with the DUP as both parties fight over the same shrinking pool of voters.

Many of those who supported the UUP under Mike have since deserted the party in favour of the Alliance, this was clear from the disastrous general election in June.

With his first conference as leader this weekend, if Robin Swann is to survive he must move to attract those liberal unionists along with the traditional UUP voter.

It is a task he must attempt to prolong the life of the party but one, I fear he is not up for.

Robert Watson, Comber