UUP are viewing as enemies other unionists who in truth are allies seeking unity to defeat the common enemy of Irish republicanism

At a time in our history, when many are working hard to drive unionist unity, their efforts are sadly being undermined by the leaders of the Ulster Unionist Party.

Monday, 18th November 2019, 12:57 am
Letter to the editor

That once great party is currently being led by a formal nuclear submarine commander, a man who, as the position attained during his military service would suggest, has served his country with distinction.

As a submarine commander, he is well versed in the deliberate sinking of the ship he commands. True unionists, within the UUP, need to grasp the fact, that when this man sinks HMS UUP, it will forever lie in the depths of political obscurity.

His ground troops seem to have adopted a scorched earth policy, hellbent on destroying anything that could be used by those they view as enemies, who in truth are allies craving for unity to defeat the common enemy of Irish republicanism/nationalism.

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Collaboration with the enemy is a grave offence, which is sadly being perpetrated by the UUP, at a time when this Wee Country, we all love, and the Union we cherish, is under the greatest threat since our formation.

The founders of unionism, must be turning in their graves, through the anti unionist policies, being driven by those who have ‘hijacked’ their once great party!

John Ross, Belfast BT6