UUP challenges Simpson

David Simpson makes his General Election victory speech
David Simpson makes his General Election victory speech

An open letter to David Simpson MP from Ulster Unionist Party leader, Mike Nesbitt MLA

Dear David Simpson,

I write for three reasons. The first is to congratulate you on being re-elected as the Member of Parliament for Upper Bann.

I wish you well in the next mandate, serving the needs of all your constituents.

The second reason is to seek clarification regarding allegations I am aware you made on Thursday, May 7/Friday, May 8.

Your allegations were made against members of the Ulster Unionist Party. I take those allegations most seriously.

As I hope you are aware, I have in the past demonstrated zero tolerance to members of my party who act in unacceptable ways, whether it be expressions of homophobia, or public displays of disloyalty.

If any member of the Ulster Unionist Party has indeed acted in the manner you appear to allege, I assure you I shall not be found wanting in my reaction, but first I need the evidence.

The third and final reason for writing is to ask you to publish the name of the company who conducted the poll published in the last edition of the Portadown Times before the general election.

I find it astonishing that the name of the organisation conducting the poll and the date it was conducted remain a mystery to the public.

Given Sinn Fein finished third (again) in the election in Upper Bann, it would be a service to all to name names, so we can all avoid wasting our money employing that organisation in the future.

I would have preferred to correspond with you privately, but as you have put your allegations into the public domain, the choice of communication platform was already chosen and this is, therefore, an open letter.


Mike Nesbitt MLA

Leader, Ulster Unionist Party