Wardlow should resign as Equality chief commissioner

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Michael Wardlow effectively put both his reputation and job on the line as he pursued Ashers Baking Company through the courts with unprecedented enthusiasm — and at the taxpayer’s expense.

Dr Wardlow cites the decisions of the Northern Ireland courts as justification for his organisation’s relentless efforts to force the company to have a part in the promotion of matters antithetical to the owner’s sincerely held beliefs.

If Dr Wardlow genuinely believes in the system of British justice he must now accept that the lower courts, the Equality Commission and he himself got it badly wrong.

He must accept that the Supreme Court is indeed supreme in the UK justice system and the judges’ unanimous ruling makes it clear that the commission’s squandering of public money and hounding of the McArthurs was without any legal justification.

Dr Wardlow must realise the enormity of this error and make way for a new caretaker chief commissioner whose primary task will be to wind up the mis-named Equality Commission before it causes any further damage and expense.

Cliff Cardwell, Co Londonderry