Was there another way over gay cake?

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Regarding the expensive Ashers legal battle, it is possible to envisage a different scenario, as follows:

A gay man goes into a bakery in Belfast and orders a cake with the words ‘support gay marriage’ iced on top of it.

The server/owner in the shop says: “Certainly sir. However I feel it is only fair that I should make you aware that we are a family business here with strong Christian principles.

“We are members of a church that promotes traditional marriage and opposes gay marriage. Any profits we make from the sale of this cake will be donated to our church to further the fight for our anti gay marriage principles.

“Now is it just the one cake that you want, sir, or is there anything else I can get you?”

This might have been a way to resolve the whole affair with both parties keeping their principles intact – and saving money on court action, which could’ve been used on things we really need.

Roger Martin, Portrush