We can’t afford migrant influx

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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In the lead letter (December 3) urging the cancellation of the anti immigration protest, the Rev Brian Anderson refers to the Irish people escaping the famine of the 1840s, who emigrated en masse to the United States, and other places too.

The United States of the mid-19th century was a wide open land, vast areas of it were still not colonised. The people who arrived did not get free health, housing and benefits.

America needed people to exploit the country and its resources. The Irish were not the only immigrants then.

This country in the 21st century is not able either financially or in terms of physical size to accommodate any more foreigners. What we have done so far in welcoming and integrating these people in such a short time is quite an achievement.

But enough is enough.

Eugene Canavan, Portadown