We must consider use of ratepayers’ cash for plastics

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

It is harrowing to see on our television screens the agonising deaths of magnificent sea mammals, fish and birds due to them digesting plastics.

Plastic pollution of the oceans, seas and rivers has now frequently become a headline news item.

Perhaps more than any other environmental issue plastic pollution has awakened the public’s concerns.

I welcome the decision by McDonald’s fast-food chain to replace plastic straws with paper ones.

This is a significant decision and their initiative has been followed by similar organisations. Government’s response to the problem is also welcome.

At the Belfast City Council October meeting I will be proposing a motion on the use of single use plastic calling for a review of the material use within the council.

Reduced use of plastics within council departments will make a contribution to reducing pollution beyond Belfast’s boundaries.

Adam Newton, DUP councillor, Titanic district, Belfast