We must keep our focus on original Nama allegations and investigation

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

It is interesting to see the developing story around Daithi McKay, Jamie Bryson, the DFP and the Nama scandal.

Sinn Fein would absolutely jump at the opportunity to undermine their political rivals, the DUP led by Peter Robinson.

It would almost be remiss of them not to engage with Bryson to gain political leverage over their opponents and weaken their adversaries.

The revelations actually raise more questions than just the alleged conduct of Messrs McKay and Bryson.

While the devil does indeed make strange bed fellows, where two political extremes – a loyalist bandsman and a constitutional nationalist party – have allegedly come together with two separate agendas but one simple aim, a single identity issue which allowed them to conspire and collude in undermining Peter Robinson and the DUP.

So we have come from loyalist and security force collusion to Sinn Fein and loyalist bandsman collusion.

Only in Nothern Ireland, eh?!

The real questions to be answered outside of the conduct of those above is:

where did Bryson get his information?

How far up the chain of command within the Sinn Fein Assembly team does this go?

Has McKay resigned in order to protect others higher up in Sinn Fein?

If McGuinness was complicit in the decision to allow the strategy to coach Bryson to go forward should he resign?

Let us remember that the Nama affair related to allegations of potentially taking bribes while in office, of corruption at a high level of local devolved government.

By all means follow the story at Stormont but focus on the ongoing investigations and inquiries and keep anyone involved in corruption before the public eye and hopefully before the courts.

Fra Hughes, Belfast BT14