We in the public should not abuse and add to pressure on our first class NHS

Both before and during the recent election there was much debate about our National Health Service.

Accident and emergency departments are under huge pressure
Accident and emergency departments are under huge pressure

Most of the discussion was very negative focusing on what is perceived to be wrong with our health service with very little acknowledgement of what is right with the massive amount of first class service which is provided by the National Health Service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A national newspaper had a front page photograph of a boy lying on a pile of coats on a hospital floor while waiting to be treated.

Now that was an unpleasant experience for four hours but to put it into perspective it is not as bad as a child of that age having to walk miles in hot dusty conditions to obtain some dirty drinking water as children in some countries do.

Letter to the editor

Our health service is under pressure.

Possibly this could be reduced if our expectations were not high, we have come to expect instant five star treatment 100% of the time, this would not be possible no matter how much money is thrown at the service.

Accident and emergency departments are under more pressure than ever and a good proportion of those attending have minor ailments that years ago would have been dealt with by local GP doctors or were dealt with at home.

As the ‘general public’ we should not abuse the NHS or add to the inevitable stress which it works under daily.

A little thought and patience could go a long way and the NHS will still be there when we really need it.

If the present pressure does not ease the alternative does not bear thinking about.

Walter McFarland, Enniskillen