We Tories will respect your vote to leave the European Union

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After three years of opposing the largest democratic result in our nation’s history, the ‘Remain’ saboteurs have had a change of heart.

It is true – they will now do anything to protect our precious democracy.

This includes the opposition of normal parliamentary procedures, such as the prorogation of a Parliamentary session in autumn.

As Colum Eastwood accuses Boris Johnson of having “the behaviour of a tin-pot dictator”, Naomi Long goes further arguing that the United Kingdom is “moving in the direction of an autocratic dictatorship”.

his is not only laughable – it is bewildering and dangerous.

As the sun sets on the longest Parliamentary session since the English Civil War, it is potentially unfair to expect everyone to remember that proroguing Parliament is normal procedure.

In the years prior to 2017, the Parliament would be prorogued annually to allow for a new session to begin.

So, in addition to ending an extraordinarily long session, it is only natural that as a new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson would support a Queen’s speech to set out his governments priorities. This is the cause of their so-called ‘democratic outrage’.

Ironically, it seems the loss of three parliamentary days on the eve of the October deadline is scandalous to the same politicians who have failed to deliver Brexit for over three years – which, my friends, is the real scandal.

It is not their desire to produce a deal with these additional days, but to once again postpone and frustrate the will of 17.4 million people. The same people whom they claim to represent.

It is therefore no surprise that Tony Blair has warned against an election – for these ‘champions of democracy’ do not respect the British electorate.

As the ‘Remain’ saboteurs attempt to fabricate a democratic crisis, the Conservative Party will get on with delivering the will of the people.

In his leadership campaign, Boris Johnson promised to defend your decision “do or die”, and we will not back down in the face of this dangerous rhetoric.

For it is our concern that the risk of a democratic crisis does exist – but only if your vote from the 23 June 2016 is ignored by our current Parliament.

Gary Hynds, Northern Ireland Conservatives