We voted Leave so let's get on with it

As one who voted Leave in June 2016 and trudged around hundreds of doors in South Antrim to achieve a 51.5% leave vote, I am sceptical of both Diane Dodds MEP and DUP leader, Arlene Foster, in their support for the prime minister's ramblings in Florence.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 26th September 2017, 8:28 pm
Updated Wednesday, 4th October 2017, 10:33 am

The challenge must now go to all 10 DUP members at Westminster.

Some of you worked hard with us to persuade unionists to vote Leave and you must recognise that we didn’t vote for ‘a transition deal,’ we voted to Leave so let’s get on with it!

It is in the interest of the EU and Whitehall’s brainwashed Europhiles to keep kicking this can down the road – it is their only available tactic.

Even if we manage to unshackle ourselves by March 2021, the referendum will be approaching its fifth anniversary.

Remainers’ desperate hope and our fear is for the EEA option, which was dismissed by May as a long-term alternative, to gather credibility with a wider public exhausted by constant scare-mongering.

The Florence speech, following a disastrous general election, marks yet another monumental setback for the prime minister sadly.

Recent days have seen the pound strengthen once again against the euro and there has been good news for British manufacturing and retail this week as we beat out the French to become the eighth largest manufacturing industry in the world.

British consumers also defied the expectations of economic forecasters, higher spending led to a 1% rise in retail sales in the month of August.

Meanwhile, Britain’s trade future looks brighter than ever as the RCS opened a new branch in the great state of Mississippi, the prime minister launched trade talks with our friends in Canada, and the chief creative officer of Burberry hailed the huge opportunities that Brexit opens for global trade.

And investment looks strong too with German giant Muller ploughing £100 million into UK-based dairy operations as the government looks abroad to entice foreign tech investors and secure our future in the digital economy.

DUP MPs continue to remain in a key position, in obtaining the promised money for NI and most especially in holding the government accountable to the British people.

Let’s hope that we do not all end up paying a heavy price for the ramblings of Mrs May.

Raymond Stewart, Newtownnabbey