Wells farrago has become a stick with which to beat Protestants


It was depressing to watch Jim Wells being hounded out of office, the latest victim of the left wing mob that is growing increasingly noisy, intolerant and hypocritical.

Jim made some stupid remarks regarding same-sex couples, claiming that a child brought up in a gay household ‘is far more likely to be abused and neglected’.

According to the NSPCC, an organisation which could hardly be considered as promoting reactionary values, 75 per cent of male sex abusers are heterosexual, 14 per cent bisexual and 11 per cent homosexual.

So perhaps Jim has a sliver of a point, but he was also greatly exaggerating in order to support personal beliefs that don’t hold a lot of water, so he was fair game for a bit of comeback.

However the hue and cry that followed was out of all proportion to the original sin. The socialists and “human rights” activists mounted a herd of high horses from which to blow their horns, and the usual suspects scampered around barking loudly and incessantly.

In a nasty twist, invoking the spectre of Orwellian “thought crimes”, the police got involved. Former IRA godfather Martin McGuinness called the Health Minister “a bigot” and demanded his resignation, and Amnesty International, an organisation well practised in ignoring violent crimes committed by Irish republicans, preened and postured. Nationalist commentators fell over themselves to pile on the abuse.

It was another of those remarkable “worst thing that ever happened anywhere” moments that occurring with remarkable regularity in Northern Ireland.

Except there are much worse things happening to gay people in the world today.

Islamic State, the barbaric terror group that controls large chunks of the Middle East and which is making inroads into Africa, has a particularly brutal record.

As preachers bray verses from the Koran gay men are pushed off buildings, to their death at the feet of the delighted crowds below. If any survive the fall, then the onlookers enthusiastically stone them to death. Other executions of gay men staged by ISIS have involved beheadings and stoning to death.

However none of this seems to bother those who got so ostentatiously upset by Jim Wells. Perhaps you might say that is because these awful things are happening far away and are therefore none of our business: but that cannot be the case as it is much the same mob that comes out protest whenever Israel defends itself against Hamas terrorists.

Gary Spedding of the Alliance Party was particularly frothy mouthed about Jim Wells.

Spedding previously came to public attention as the organiser of a protest that denied an Israeli politician the tight to speak at Queen’s University.

Sinn Fein is so concerned about what goes on in the Middle East that they used the January murder of journalists and Jews in Paris as an opportunity to raise the issue of Gaza, and last month Martin McGuinness’ party was part of a minority of extreme leftists that chose to oppose an European Parliament resolution condemning ISIS.

It absolutely beggars belief that a party that demands action is taken against a rival politician who makes some ill-judged comments but which opposes action against a group that ritually murders gay people, can be afforded any legitimacy.

Perhaps the truth is that all this fuss has very little to do with any genuine respect for the rights and dignity of homosexual people but is merely another exercise in grabbing a convenient stick to beat Protestants with. In the same way that anti-Semitism comes cloaked in the cant of one-sided human rights platitudes, so anti-Protestant bigotry is given a hypocritical veneer of gay rights glitter.

The Wells farrago (hat tip to Malachi O’Doherty) could yet have significant consequences.

The left-wing rabble seems to be claiming that it is unacceptable to suggest that some gay men might abuse children. So what hope is there now for the very necessary and long overdue investigation into the abuse of young vulnerable boys at the Kincora Home?