What a great wee country we could be as a united NI

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Most people will think this is pie in the sky but after the recent collapse of the Stormont talks after a year of same old same old, it is now time to seriously consider a campaign for a united Northern Ireland not a disunited Ireland.

I think both communities here have a greater desire to live and work alongside each other than people think.

My Catholic friends and neighbours have so much more in common with me than somebody down in Cork or Cornwall. Sinn Fein and equality and DUP and equality are total oxymorons and as ordinary people we shouldn’t be feeding their bakes any longer.

What a great wee country it could be, we could finally educate our children together, play sport with pride together, respect both our cultures together and even parade down our own streets together.

I’m sure we could even have our own flag and anthem , but it would all have to written in stone.

That’s where the Good Friday Agreement failed.

I’ve lived in England for 30 years and it certainly made me appreciate the folk back home from both sides.

We can still have our Britishness and Irishness but first and foremost we would at last be on the same side.

And what a side we could be.

Sinn Fein and DUP you’ve failed us all. Your time is up.

Get on yer bikes.

You can even collect your £200 if you pass go.

I’m sure you’d like that.

Michael Colwell, Co Antrim