Why are we waiting to quit the EU?

Only Brussels cans make a trade agreement with a trading partner
Only Brussels cans make a trade agreement with a trading partner

Even talk of the UK daring to regain control of its own destiny and borders, by leaving the destructive EU, is sending the vested interests of pro-EU propagandists into overdrive.

Fanciful scenarios of dire consequences are being painted.



But, these are exactly that, fanciful.

We’re told it is essential for our trade that we must remain corralled within the EU, with no regard to the reality that outside Brussels control the United Kingdom, for the first time since 1973, would have the right to make trade agreements in its own interests with whoever it wished.

Within the EU no member state can make a trade agreement with any other trading partner, only Brussels can do so. As a trading nation this is not serving our national interests.

Moreover, the UK’s trade deficit with the rest of the EU is of the order of £30m per day.

The proportion of our exports to the EU is falling year on year, while our exports to the rest of the world rise, confirming that this is where the growth in our trade lies. We need liberated to build that trade.

The EU is moribund and a declining player on the world economic stage. Its share of the world’s GDP has dramatically fallen in recent decades.

We are told we would perish financially. Such nonsense. We’d be immediately freed of the £26m daily net cost of membership.

Every hour the UK pays over £1m more into Brussels than it gets back.

We are told we couldn’t live without Brussels subsidies.

Remember it is our own money that we are getting back, but only some because we are net contributors. And all this before we even come to consider the liberty to control our own borders and liberate our businesses from the dead hand of Brussels bureaucracy, which would flow from the UK exiting the EU. Prosperity and growth, along with the dignity of standing on our own feet and making our own decisions, await us outside the EU.

Why are we waiting?

Jim Allister

TUV leader