Why doesn’t CBI stump up the Brexit bill?

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

If the CBI membership together with the 40-odd business leaders from Northern Ireland are so taken with the Prime Minister’s Brexit arrangements with the EU, then they should stump-up and pay the £39billion divorce bill!

After all, with the excessively large salaries and bonuses the executives of these large companies give themselves, it shouldn’t be a problem for them to meet the demand for payment from the EU as it drops through the Treasury letterbox.

I suspect like TS Eliot’s MaCavity the cat, they will run for cover out through the cat-flap in the back door, unable to be found, at the very thought of such a proposition.

Just leave it for the working-class suckers, do I hear Theresa May whisper in their ears, as they rush to their European-made chauffeur-driven executive 4x4s!

Morrison W Woods, Bangor