Wilson now seems to think that SF is fit for Stormont

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

It is barely six months since Sammy Wilson told us that Sinn Fein is not even fit to be in Parliament Buildings and Sir Jeffrey Donaldson stated the obvious that Sinn Fein is not interested in making Northern Ireland a success.

It was about the same time too that Arlene Foster gave us her view that Sinn Fein could deliver nothing but dysfunction and division.

How come then that Mr Wilson is now calling on church leaders to use their influence to get Sinn Fein back into the Assembly and Executive? Maybe he would tell us how Sinn Fein has changed in the interim.

Perhaps he mistakenly thinks that DUP voters are not tuned in to the RHI Inquiry and would be content to return to the old regime in which, inter alia, Spads run the show and the two largest parties operate a tacit agreement to keep each other in a job.

Mr Wilson should realise that the DUP has a lot of work to do before it can expect voters to trust them with the responsibility of government.

Cliff Cardwell, Co Londonderry