Young people are more educated and travelled and they have forced change

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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So, another twelfth of July celebration has passed into history, this time thankfully being more or less trouble free from bonfire damage, hooliganism, or just caused by drunken social behaviour.

Northern Ireland, and here I include the Republic of Ireland also: at the behest of our political and religious Godfathers, ie politicians, Prods and priests, gigantic changes has been forced upon them, eg. gay and civil rights, legal abortion, being a couple of examples that our lifestyle now has to accept.

Their power of religious and political control will never again be the same, for the young people of today are not only more educated, but more travelled, for they now have the confidence to make their own decisions, rightfully believing it is “their” life, not the church’s, or any other divisive political congregation.

When free education was introduced to the people, I believe it was Queen Victoria who said, you are igniting the flames of a fire, that you will never be able to extinguish.

Being an octogenarian, I am delighted to see such changes, I wish them well.

Harry Stephenson, Kircubbin