Orange hall attack is part of anti-Protestant ‘hate campaign’

Strawletterdallon Orange Hall
Strawletterdallon Orange Hall

An Orange Hall in west Tyrone has been attacked only days after being damaged in a similar incident, the Orange Order said.

Windows were smashed at the front of Strawletterdallon Orange hall, near Newtownstewart, on Thursday evening.

The attack occurred at around 7pm following similar damage to windows and door panels which was reported to police on Wednesday evening.

An Orange Order statement described it as part of a “hate campaign” targeting the area’s Protestant population.

It said: “Given the similarities with the previous attack, there is little doubt that the perpetrators have reverted to type and once again – under the cover of darkness – brazenly reengaged in their wicked deeds.

“The sheer audacity of these criminals knows no bounds.

“Despite such destructive sectarian behaviour, the Orange fraternity in and around Newtownstewart will not be deterred by a minority rump whose futile activities are not representative of the wider community. We urge those responsible to think again and immediately desist.”