Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding trial: rugby star denies ‘playing games’ with alleged victim

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Paddy Jackson denied “concocting a story” with his co-accused after the alleged attack in case an allegation of rape was made.

Under cross-examination from prosecution barrister Toby Hedworth QC on Tuesday afternoon, the Ireland rugby international said: “no, that did not happen,” he said.

Mr Hedworth QC asked Jackson: “You ended up back at your house with four attractive young women. Did you have any expectation of what the night would have in store with these attractive young women?”

Jackson responded: “No I didn’t.”

Referring to group WhatsApp messages between Jackson and some friends after the alleged attack Mr Hedworth said: “There had been an anticipation that this was going to be a frisky night.”

Jackson denied playing games with the alleged victim when he said he went upstairs and thought she might follow him, the court heard.

The prosecution said to him: “You thought you would play these interesting cat and mouse games?”

Jackson responded: “I wasn’t playing a game.”

He was asked: “That young woman went upstairs and you followed her didn’t you?”

Jackson replied: “No”

He was then asked: “Did you think this time ‘I’m not going to take no for an answer?’.”

He replied: “No I didn’t.”

Jackson denied penetrating his alleged victim with his penis.

“The reality is you penetrated (her) with your penis,” the prosecution said.

“No I didn’t,” he replied.

“From behind,” the prosecution said.

“No,” responded Jackson.

He was asked: “You resisted that temptation not to put your penis inside her?”

“Yes,” he replied.

“Not withstanding you had drink taken, you were showing complete restraint?” the prosecution asked.

“Yes”, he said.

Jackson insisted he had not been told by his friends that the alleged victim had been upset in a taxi on her way home with Rory Harrison.

“It wasn’t discussed? The fact she had been in hysterics and it wasn’t going to end well?” the prosecution asked him.

He responded: “No. They didn’t say to me.”

The prosecution asked: “It wasn’t discussed that she had said whatever happened wasn’t consensual?”

He responded: “No, that wasn’t mentioned.”

The prosecution said: “I suggest to you that’s just a downright lie.”

Jackson replied: “It wasn’t discussed.”