Paris: Prayers at St Anne’s Cathedral in Belfast

St Anne's Cathedral in Belfast. Photo: Paul Faith/PA Wire
St Anne's Cathedral in Belfast. Photo: Paul Faith/PA Wire

Special prayers were said at St Anne’s Cathedral in Belfast on Saturday in relation to the terror attacks in Paris on Friday night.

The prayers, written in response to the attacks, are available in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit inside the Cathedral.

The cathedral is open for prayer again on Sunday from 8am until 6pm.

Anyone wishing to come in and remember those who died in the attacks and their families can pray and light a candle.

Meanwhile Catholic Archbishop Eamon Martin has asked for prayers for those who died and were injured in Paris.

“Once more we are all shocked and deeply saddened to hear about terror on the streets of Paris. The sounds and images of these attacks make for frightening viewing.

“Like myself, many Irish people have relatives or close friends living in Paris and have happy memories of visiting this beautiful city. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Paris today and we express our solidarity with the French community living here in Ireland,” he said.

“I ask everyone to remember, at Mass and in prayer this weekend, all those who have died and their families. We also pray for those injured and all who are caring for them. These horrific events challenge us to pray and work even more earnestly for an end to the evil of terrorism everywhere.

“Each of us by our own thoughts, words and actions is called to spread mercy, love and peace so that the horrors of evil shall never conquer the world. May Saint Denis and Saint Genevieve, patron saints of Paris, intercede for us.”

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