Belfast group launches petition to protect 1642 bridge

Billy Dickson is leading the effort to save the Boyne Bridge
Billy Dickson is leading the effort to save the Boyne Bridge
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Boyne Bridge Defenders have launched a petition to have an important part of Belfast’s history protected.

The group, led by Billy Dickson BEM, want to have the 1642 Great Bridge of Belfast listed to prevent its removal.

Translink have promised that the bridge, which is encased with the present 1936 Boyne Bridge, will remain in situ, if possible during the construction of the new Belfast Transport Hub.

Mr Dickson said: “It is the added wording ‘if possible’ that is of concern to many people. The only way in our view to save the bridge is to have it listed.”

The online petition on the website reads: “We call upon the Department for Communities, Historic Environment Division to not only list the remains of the Great Bridge and possibly those of a 1611 bridge, but the historic site at which it is situated, as an ancient crossing place along with many associations with the many early developments in Belfast. The importance of the site is clearly outlined in George Ben’s history of the town of Belfast, in which he went as far as saying that it represented what was then the town of Belfast. We also call for a significant feature to be constructed that would identify the location of the remains of the ancient bridge and the site.”