Electricity bills to rise for NI homes

Electricity pylons
Electricity pylons
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Almost half a million homes in Northern Ireland will see their electricity bills rise by £35.

This is the third year in a row that Power NI has hiked its prices.

A higher cost for homes

A higher cost for homes

The company said the change, which has been agreed with the Utility Regulator, was due to increased costs.

Stephen McCully, Managing Director of Power NI, said: “We work very hard to keep our prices as low as possible. Unfortunately, like all suppliers, we have no alternative but to pay these increased network and market charges, which have a knock-on effect on our prices.

“Having been through a rigorous process with the Utility Regulator, our customers can be sure that although unwelcome, this increase is as low as possible. In fact, Power NI presently has the most competitive rate in the market for customers without tying them in to a fixed term contract.”

The Consumer Council has told of its disappointed at the tariff increase.

Paulino Garcia, Head of Energy Policy at The Consumer Council said, “It is important that consumers in Northern Ireland see the benefits from the fall in wholesale gas prices over the past year. This is especially relevant as the Office of National Statistics Family Spending Survey shows that households in Northern Ireland spend £68, or 11.50%, more per year on electricity than the UK average.”

Paulino noted, “Power NI and the Utility Regulator have agreed a 6.1% increase that is, mainly, due to higher charges from the electricity network provider and the market operator.”

The Consumer Council would wish to highlight that electricity customers could save up to £92 on their annual bill if they switch supplier. The Consumer Council has a free, independent, online energy price comparison tool providing an easy way to compare prices, available at www.consumercouncil.org.uk.