Kind locksmith to the rescue after baby is stuck in car

Parents David Orr and Abby Moore with baby Logan.
Parents David Orr and Abby Moore with baby Logan.
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A locksmith in Newtownards has come in for high praise after he rescued a three-month-old baby trapped inside a car and refused to take payment from the distraught family.

David Orr’s little boy Logan was trapped inside the family car after the BMW 3 Series locked itself automatically after mum Abby finished strapping him safely into the car seat.

Mr Orr said: “Abby put through the keys into the backseat as she was making sure Logan was in the car seat properly, but the car locks itself after a few minutes. So when she closed the door and the car locked, it was panic stations.”

After a few phone calls, Auto Key NI owner Barry Brown made it to the scene within minutes and managed to get the door open again within “around a minute”.

But the local locksmith refused to accept payment.

“It’s been a policy now since around May, that I’ll do the job for free if it involves children or pets,” Mr Brown said.

“I could see how upset the young woman was so I didn’t want to add to their worries or stress.”

Mr Orr said: “He actually got there before I did. When I tried to pay him he refused to take a penny.

“He’s a gentleman and I’d like to say thanks. I had been trying to stay calm but Abby was distraught, especially because Logan was crying.”