Life saved after person seen entering Lough Neagh overnight - search team 'selflessly' make rescue

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Police helped save the life of someone in distress overnight, according to a post on PSNI Facebook.

The post reads: "Some of you may have had your sleep disturbed in the early hours of this morning by our eye in the sky.

PSNI helicpopter

PSNI helicpopter

"It’s never without good cause and on this occasion it saved a life.

"Police received a report that a person had gone missing from their home address.

"Local policing team officers were immediately deployed.

"We were made aware the person was going to jump into Lough Neagh.

Our helicopter arrived just in time to see the person going into the water and float down the river towards the Lough.

"They were able to track the person until we could get further assistance.

"We tasked our colleagues from NIAS, NIFRS and the real heroes of the hour Lough Neagh Search and Rescue.

"A member of the Lough Neagh Search team selflessly entered the water.

"He was able to locate and control the person until his colleagues in a boat could assist and remove the person from the water.

"The person was treated at the scene by our NIAS colleagues before they were taken to hospital for further treatment.

"This is just one example where all of your emergency services work together to do what we do best. Save Lives!"